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Welcome to my biography. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

For me the seed was sown in a spiritualist church in Hertford were an amazing medium by the name of Doris Featherstone gave me a message that she could see musical notes around me and that I would be doing some writing.

Rolling the clock forward a year I found myself at a low point in my life having sustained an injury at work. I needed something to uplift my spirit and inspire me, this I found in song writing and spiritualism the faith they call the

At some point during my convalescence, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and write a song, but there was a problem I couldn't read or write music but I always believed I had a good ear for music. I had been learning saxophone and had got to know several good jazz musicians over the years.

I later found that I had a passion for writing lyrics some of which were borderline poetry. So the message from the medium was right after all. I would get words and tunes flooding into my head at all hours of the day. I had the words written down but I was in danger of forgetting the tunes, so I purchased a dictaphone. Writing my first track was special and gave me a real sense of purpose and accomplishment it also helped me through a difficult period
in my life.
Over the coming months the words and tunes kept coming and I soon had enough material for an album which was my next goal. I contacted some of the musicians I knew to see whether anyone was interested in doing some arranging and I got lucky.

Several months later the music was written, the artists had been chosen, and I was ready to start recording. The recording sessions were a memorable experience, working with some great musicians, juggling financial pressures and artists egos without suppressing their talent and most of all being able to get the musicians to feel and understand my style of music.

Having recorded my first album, I was really pleased as this was a real achievement, not bad for someone who couldn't read or write music. My excitement however was short lived, and I soon became disillusioned by the then music industry's ability to stifle creativity it was also at a time prior to the smoking ban. I decide to take a break from Music.

Time waits for no man and the voice inside me would frequently make me aware of my unfinished business and a particular song that I didn't finish, emphasizing how this was important as completion would bring my experience full circle. I now realise the voice within is both the spark of your creativity and the creator of new ideas.

The song is now complete and is appropriately titled Clairvoyant, this track  is in the Rock genre

My first album title was A Distant Like this album was in the Soul Jazz genre

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